Creating a social media presence in Nepal 2021

Social media has become a huge part of our daily life. Most of us scroll through social media as a morning routine which is not healthy. And so, with the growing social media users, it has become a great market for every other business and brand. COVID-19  has also played a huge role in social media being a platform for many new small sellers to sell things and buyers to buy safely.

Having said that, running a social media business is not as easy as it sounds. With so many similar pages online, you need to be different from normal to come into the highlight and be known. There are many ways to increase your following in social media, but that isn’t enough, as being interactive is the essence of ‘social’ media’. A customer is the ‘King’ in the market, to meet up to his expectations and satisfy him is the main goal of every online business. So, by increasing the interactions, you need to create a social media presence.

Along with interaction,  social media is also about increasing engagements into the sites, making it easier for them to come back to your page for example attracting users through discounts and offers, giveaways, contests, etc. It makes buyers and site visitors wonder about upcoming activities on your site. Following are the ways to increasing the social media presence:

Identifying goals

Without identifying goals, creating a social media presence is not possible because you would not know what you are aiming at. Likewise, without a clear idea of what you are doing, your page may have content in it but it may seem irrelevant and scattered as the context in it will not match without a target. You need to analyze what you want to post about, what outcome do you want from it, and the timeframe to reach your desired objectives to figure out where you are slacking. The target you set should be ‘SMART’, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and time-bound.

Choose a specific platform

While being on all social media platforms, may help gain various audience bases, but it can be quite troublesome to handle them all. Moreover, the audience that you target may only be available on one platform. So, rather than trying to be on every other social media, focus on being in a relevant one where there is more engagement for a longer time. Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are most commonly used these days, so based on your goals choose a platform that you can be more active on without too much hassle for yourself.

Make plans that align with the algorithm

Most social media, specifically Instagram, tend to show your posts to the viewers only if you’re often active. So, for that, you need to prepare a schedule to post so that the algorithm doesn’t shadow ban you for being inactive. The more you post frequently, the more likely it is to be seen in all parts of the app (e.g. Stories and IGTV). Hence, being active is essential to create a presence.

Organize your profile

As mentioned before, the posting is important however, posting randomly won’t get you the engagement that you desired, as to attract people your profile must first be attractive. Now, the question is how to organize a social media profile and simultaneously be as active as possible? While it may sound inconvenient but if you prepare beforehand, it’s much easier.

Here are few ways to make your profile more interesting:

  1. Make sure the posts that give your viewers an insight into your profile are pinned, or in short, have your viewers know what your page is about at a glance. Instagram bios or story highlights may be helpful.
  2. Answer the FAQs so that the viewers aren’t confused and know more about your profile. 
  3. Have a timeline that dazzles people, and have posts that interconnect. You can get aesthetic feed ideas through Pinterest.

Engage with the audience with interactive content

Since you have a ‘presence’ to create virtually, you need to find more ways to be more human-like and less technical or business-like. In the real world, we communicate with the customers, ask them what they like, and bring their needs to them, likewise should be done online, our interactive demeanor tends to amuse costumer.

Over time, so many interactive features have developed in social media apps themselves, we can ask viewers their opinions and be transparent about it, and with it also organize frequent giveaways of products they seem to like which brings us more followers.  Similarly, if you run a business page, then another way to imprint your name on peoples’ minds is good service because online businesses are still not well trusted in Nepal. So, you can build up their trust by assuring them and clearing all their doubts. Us, as an online page, being understanding and conversing with them politely, will create a positive image of us and the business.

Follow the trend, hop on the bandwagon!

‘Trend’ is what social media is all about, and it changes every minute. Keeping up with the trend is the most difficult but also the most effective way to create a presence. The trends in social media can be bizarre, for instance, in 2016, staying still like a mannequin was a trend, while now, thanks to TikTok, there are dance trends and acting trends which make you go viral overnight. Trends help us know what people like or what excites them, giving us an idea of what you can bring to market (if you’re a business) or what you can talk about (if you’re an influencer).

Following the trend is effective, but being a trendsetter is even better to increase your audience. One trend can benefit a whole lot, for instance, the ‘Batash dance’ (created by @shi.wali on TikTok on Sashwot Khadka’s song, ‘Batash’), which trended during August, is till date in people’s mind. This trend inspired various other Nepali TikTok people to create a dance of their own and the singers, a platform to sing and promote their songs, and thus, many new singers and dancers have risen.


To sum up, it all, while offers and discounts may be the most common ways to increase social media presence, in today’s world they aren’t sufficient as now people also search for the fun aspects of everything and the aforementioned ways may help with it.